Dayna Baldwin

Hi everyone!

My name is Dayna, and I'm the adopter of a beautiful greyhound named Rock. I'd like to tell you his story.

He was born in Ireland, and when he was old enough, sold to an owner in Canada, at which time he was shipped over to North America. His background becomes a little sketchy at this point, as there is no record of him having participated in many races. What we do know is that he was eventually retired, but had to be rescued by the local Humane Society and was found in neglectful circumstances. They in turn contacted GPI, where he was welcomed and put up for adoption.

I have always been in love with greyhounds. As a child growing up in Miami I was very conscious of them as greyhound racing was a popular local pasttime. And then I met my first retired greyhound, who belonged to my mother's childhood friend. I remember spending hours just sitting next to him and petting him, and then walking him through the neighborhood, completely entranced by his beautiful eyes, soft fur, and graceful gait.

On the day I chose Rock (and he chose me), it was a pretty busy day, during a meetup. I had looked at two other hounds, and as I was walking up and down the kennel, my best friend of 20+ years spoke up and pointed him out to me. I asked if we could meet. When we did he stood next to me and started to lean against my legs. That was it. I was finished. Game over, man.

GPI is a wonderful, supportive adoption group that brings greys and lurchers (greyhound mixes) from all over America and the rest of the world, including Korea, the UAE, and Ireland. These wonderful animals come to GPI having spent all their lives as working animals, and have never known what it means to be a pet. They want nothing more than our love and a chance to be near us.

I'm really grateful for any amount you can give. Even $5 can buy a treat or a toy for a dog looking for a home. My updated goal is $500, and I appreciate all the help it takes to make it happen.

Again, thank you!

Dayna B.

Funds raised: $890 of $500


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