Karin Lee

I'm excited to be participating in this event to help raise money for an amazing organization!

GPI is close to my heart because they are who we adopted our precious Rosebud from. We fell in love with her pretty much as soon as we met her. Her sass, curiosity, innocence and snuggles won us over instantly! When we first brought Rosie home, she was very timid. She didn't know how to be a pet, lay in her bed, play with toys, etc. She even had nightmares a few times in the middle of the night, waking us up with her screams. Eventually, she came out of her shell, realized she was safe, could sleep in her bed (and on our couch!), play with her toys, and sleep through the night without nightmares. We're so grateful that GPI rescued her off the racetrack and took care of her until we met her and brought her home. She now gets to live a life as a lady of leisure--getting lots of naps, snuggles, treats and love--which every greyhound deserves! 

GPI works tirelessly to rescue greyhounds around the world, help them adjust to life off the racetrack, and find them loving forever homes. Any donation helps them continue to do this amazing work for these sensitive and gentle creatures. Thank you for your help!

Funds raised: $85 of $150


Thank you donors
Karin Lee : $25