Gail Rogers

As I do every year at this time, I ask for money.  Not for me, but for the Greyhounds at our kennel and for the ones that arrive in our facility; homeless and looking for a forever couch.  That is our job, but I was just reading about the travesty that is the Canidrome in Macau.  I am now fighting not just for our Greyhounds, but for the 600+ gentle souls finally freed from that unimaginable Hell that they have lived in.  As you know, GPI does not discriminate against any Greyhound or Greyhound Mix.  The dogs in Macau are registered racing Greyhounds and we need to get them here - these are true rescues and they need our help.  The cost to bring these dogs to our kennel and nurse them back to health will be enormous, so we will work harder to beg if need be, for people like you to open your hearts to the suffering that these dogs have endured.  We need to 'bring them home'.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you on behalf of the treasures in my life, Carolyne and Dawn Broke, and humbly ask  you to donate to our Walk-a-Thon this year and hope that those dogs in China will be free soon.  Thank you.

Funds raised: $880 of $1,000


Thank you donors
Trudy Bearden : $100
Hi Gail - Better late than never? :) When I talked to Shawn about this, he said, "$50 from me, too!" So, there you have it - literally.
Thaoms Adams : $150
Gail, Kelly and I couldn't make it to the event, but want to help, and hope this helps you make your goal for the day! Tom & Kelly Adams Anie & Pinzy
Jennifer Wollman : $50
Good luck!!! Thanks for all you do for the Greyhounds!
Jim Ogborn : $100
Janette Cunningham : $50
Go Gail, Go!!
Victoria Cobos : $200
Gail Rogers : $50