Sophie And Tika

This is a story of two girls with “issues” that found their forever homes and became BFFFs (best furry friends forever) because of the work that GPI does. While they never lived in the same home, they acted just like sisters when they were together. The first is Miss Tika who came back to us because the family that had her did not have time for her. That was totally obvious since this little girl weighed around 50 pounds when she came to us (she should have weighed around 63 pounds). We found that she had a variety of medical problems that needed attention. GPI found her the perfect mom and covered her medical needs through the donations from our supporters. The second girl was Sophie who came to GPI with her two sisters. All three girls were painfully shy and very leery of any people. They had their chances to find their forever homes because GPI was willing to take in the dogs that need some work which many other places will not take on. With love, patience and support, these two girls had the chance to become the dogs they were meant to be and both mothers had the wonderful experiences of watching it happen. Sadly, both girls left us for the Rainbow Bridge, but, we like to think of two of them romping around together just as they did here. Please help us make it possible for GPI to continue bringing dogs like these to our area and find their forever homes by making a donation. 

Funds raised: $3,726 of $2,000


Thank you donors
Dayle Iverson : $100
Lea Ann & Robert Morris
Thank you and I hope you raise a goodly amount via this event!
Dayle Iverson : $250
In memory of Tika and Bella
Peter & Jeanne Chaloner : $100
Robin Becker : $50
C.O. Page : $50
Jo Anne Ingraham : $100
Turtle Humphres : $100
In memory of Walter
Patricia Kordes : $300
Huge thanks to all of the volunteers that give hours of their personal time to make sure that these precious dogs have a new loving home!!!
Bunny Richardson : $50
Charlene Nakayama : $50
Sue Curtis : $500
Janey Swanson : $100
Pamela Hughes : $250
Cherie Crossland
Anonymous : $50
Barbara Cowan : $35
In memory of Tika and the joy that she brought Sue
ann dawson : $50
Eric Sallee : $250
Chris Thorns : $250
Thank you for all you do for these animals. You are all angels.
Tina Brown : $200
In support of the faithful concern Kathy Kreyling has for her beloved greyhounds.
Katherine Kreyling : $600