Greyhounds Need You!

Greyhound Pets, Inc. supporters like you are making a huge difference for retired racing greyhounds and rescued greyhound mixes. You help GPI to say "YES" to these dogs.


All funds raised from this event go directly to the hounds.

$   6   treats the entire kennel to biscuits after turnout
$  10    feeds a dog for a week
$  11    microchips a dog
$  25    buys a rope toy for a dog waiting to be adopted
$  50    provides a bag of special food for a senior or ill dog
$  99    sponsors a dog for a tick-borne disease test
$ 150    transports a dog from a Florida racetrack to GPI
$ 850    treats a heartworm-positive dog
$2000    fixes a broken leg

Funds raised: $31,279 Goal: $30,000

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Top   15   Participants
1   Ace Hern $3,735
2   Sophie And Tika $3,726
3   Moira Corrigan $3,034
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